Results Course de Côte de Gaillon 1900

After the succes of the Course de Côte de Chanteloup in 1898, the men behind the magazine Le Vélo wanted to organise their own hillclimb. Their goal was to demonstrate the power of the automobile. In Chanteloup some sharp corners prevented high average speeds. So they went to look for a stretch of road that required as little braking as possible.

They found the perfect road at Gaillon in Normandy. It was impressively steep at 9% and completely straight. The length of the hill was just under 1 kilometre. The finishline was moved further up the road so the distance would be exactly 1000 metres. The Course de Côte de Gaillon was now born.

Information about the first edition is hard to find. The event was open to cars and motorcycles. Some 35 drivers entered this first edition. Fastest up the hill was Vuillemain on a chainless Motorcycle. Fastest car was a Steam-Powered American Automobile driven by Debacker.

The second edition took place on 11 November 1900. Again the motorcycles were fastest. This time it was Beconnais who took victory. Below you will find the complete results of the cars. The entrylist and the final results only mention the name of the car or sometimes the entrant. So sometimes you will see the name and other times the car. In braquets is the car number, if given.

03/11/1900 – Course de Côte de Gaillon
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 BrasierCharles-HenriMors2-Seaters1:26,20
2 LefebvreBolide2-Seaters1:33,40
3 HourgièresGillesMors2-Seaters1:33,80
4 LeveghMors2-Seaters1:35,20
5 Gardner-Serpollet2-Seaters Steam1:58,80
6 TerrontJulesBardon4-Seaters2:08,40
7 Gardner Serpollet (36)4-Seaters Steam2:13,60
8 Gardner-Serpollet2-Seaters Steam2:19,80
9 De Dietrich2-Seaters2:21,60
10 Gardner Serpollet (37)4-Seaters Steam2:30,80
11 Van BerendonckVoiturettes2:32,00
12 Darracq (65)Voiturettes2:49,60
13 Ader (62)Voiturettes3:05,60
14 MercierGladiatorVoiturettes3:18,60
15 FernandezVoiturettes3:29,60
16 Darracq (101)Voiturettes 4-Seaters3:23,80
17 Bied-CharretonVoiturettes3:32,00
18 ThéodoreDarracqVoiturettes3:34,80
19 Darracq (102)Voiturettes 4-Seaters3:35,80
20 RudeauxDarracqVoiturettes3:41,80
21 Ader (76)Voiturettes3:45,80
22 Compagnie Française2-Seaters4:02,20
23 QuereyVoiturettes4:11,00
24 Darracq (101)Voiturettes 4-Seaters4:18,00
25 Gladiator (121)Voiturettes -250kg4:25,60
26 HasseVoiturettes4:31,80
27 Gobron-Brillié Alcohol4-Seaters4:36,40
28 Bardon4-Seaters4:48,00
29 Hidien2-Seaters4:58,00
30 LambertVoiturettes5:03,20
31 BouffarligueVoiturettes5:12,20
32 Delanire4-Seaters5:42,00

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