Results Планинско Шипка (Shipka) 2015

150920_shipkaThe Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship ended this weekend with the Планинско Шипка, or Shipka Hillclimb. After the cancellation of the Uzana Hillclimb Luben Kamenov was almost certain of the championship. Although Plamen Staikov still had a one point lead, he could score almost no points because of the drop scores. Kamenov on the other hand could count all his points achieved at Shipka. So without any kind of mechanical problems Kemenov would be the new champion. Indeed the Mitsubishi Lancer pilot ran trouble-free to his fifth victory of the season and a new title. Staikov was not present so runner-up was Stefan Georgiev in the Ford Escort Cosworth. The podium was completed by rally driver Ignat Isaev in a Citroën DS3 R3T.

19-20/09/2015 – Shipka Hillclimb
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 KamenovLubenMitsubishi LancerH17:13,67
2 GeorgievStefanFord Escort CosworthH27:41,83
3 IsaevIgnatCitroën DS3R37:49,83
4 StoevStefanHonda CivicH37:50,14
5 DimitrovAlexanderCItroën SaxoH47:50,32
6 TodorovYordanCitroën SaxoH47:50,64
7 TitovAntonMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR27:50,78
8 VasilevTodorFord PumaH47:53,79
9 UzunovMilenHonda CivicH37:54,40
10 ChapanovIvelinRenault ClioH37:54,61
11 ErmenkovErmenkoCitroën SaxoH47:55,56
12 PanchugovStefanHonda CivicH47:55,69
13 YotkovIvelinBMW E30H27:56,19
14 KarastoyanovYavorBMW M3 E92H18:06,04
15 KondevDimitarOpel AstraH38:11,57
16 TodorovTodorVolkswagen PoloH48:12,04
17 BozhilovDimitarCitroën SaxoR48:15,13
18 TodorovVasilOpel AstraH38:15,18
19 NikolovYasenHonda CivicH48:20,84
20 KostovRosenPeugeot 106H38:23,27
21 VasilevKrasenRenault ClioH38:23,91
22 BakalovPeterRenault Clio SportR48:27,34
23 RusevTsvetomirHonda CivicH48:34,42
24 GanevNikolaiHonda CivicH58:35,71
25 PavlovAlexanderCitroën SaxoR48:36,35
26 DrumchevDragomirPeugeot 206R38:37,24
27 KuzevGeorgeCitroën SaxoR48:37,59
28 DenevEmilRenault Clio RSR38:39,91
29 DimitrovAlexanderPeugeot 106R58:45,85
30 StoyanovaDianaCitroën SaxoR58:51,45
31 NedyalkoDenevPeugeot 106H48:51,82
32 DragovDragomirCitroën SaxoR58:55,57
33 PenchevTanoFiat PuntoH48:56,80
34 AtanasovIvanHonda CRXH38:56,97
35 PanayotovMarinCitroën SaxoR58:57,77
36 AnevHristoSuzuki SwiftH58:58,67
37 ChavdarovMarianHonda CivicR59:01,48
38 AtanasovTodorVAZ 2108H59:02,40
39 PepeldzhiyskiIvailoVAZ 2107H49:15,70
40 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H59:32,79
41 GanevVelizarVolkswagen PoloH59:33,93
42 VajarovVascoOpel AstraH29:35,59
43 BorisovAlexanderFord PumaH59:43,59

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