Class Structure France

French Hillclimb Championship & Coupe de France.

ProductionF2000-1400cc (1)-1600cc (2)-2000cc (3)Group N & A cars that were homologated more than 5 years ago.
FC-1300cc (1)-1600cc (2)-2000cc (3)+2000cc (4)Cars that ran out of homologation before 1992.
Group N-1400cc (1)-1600cc (2)-2000cc (3)+2000cc (4)Including R1
Group A-1400cc (1)-1600cc (2)-2000cc (3)+2000cc (4)Including R2, R3, R4.
GT-2000cc (1)+2000cc (2)
GTTS-3000cc (1)+3000cc (2)GT-cars from single make cups.
Silhouettes, WRC's and S2000.
SportsCN / CNF-1600cc (1)-2000cc (2)-3000cc (3)-4000cc (+)CNF = before 2004
CN = after 2004
-1000cc (CM)Motorcycle powered cars.
D/E-1300cc (1)-1600cc (2)-2000cc (4)
Formula Ford (3)Formula Renault (7)Formula 3 (5)Formula 3000 (6)
All divisions follow French Regulations, not international.
Points awarded to class, divison and category (except FC).
Championships awarded to category winners.

In Regional events CN3, CN+, D/E 5 and D/E 6 are banned. Formula 3 cars build before 2009 are merged into D/E 3.

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