DateTitle E2SS/E2SC/E2SHE1A/N/R/GT 
27/02/2016Subida a Juncalillo078,87 km/hWet
06/03/2016Pujada Aigües Blanques083,79 km/h075,07 km/h
06/03/2016Pujada a Les Ventoses110,64 km/h105,50 km/h101,45 km/h
13/03/2016Course de Côte de Neffiès089,01 km/h079,50 km/h
13/03/2016Bergralle Lödersdorf087,96 km/h083,04 km/h
13/03/2016Subida a Estepona114,79 km/h094,47 km/h107,10 km/h
19/03/2016Rampa Cassiano's Car103,56 km/h106,86 km/h
20/03/2016Course de Côte de Luc-en-Provence122,21 km/h102,84 km/h
27/03/2016Course de Côte d'Hébécrevon-Agneaux121,89 km/h108,56 km/h
27/03/2016Course de Côte de Lugny124,64 km/h108,68 km/h
27/03/2016Ritsona Hillclimb075,46 km/hWet
28/03/2016Bergrallye St. Andrä125,52 km/h118,72 km/h
28/03/2016Course de Côte de Bouc-Bel-Air082,38 km/h072,71 km/h
28/03/2016Course de Côte de Wangenbourg117,33 km/h100,90 km/h
02/04/2016Subida a El Tanque094,27 km/h091,47 km/h
02/04/2016Subida a Cabezabellosa128,49 km/h126,37 km/h
02/04/2016Subida a Opakua116,14 km/h102,79 km/h
02/04/2016Subida a Ramonete098,99 km/h090,79 km/h
03/04/2016Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran110,80 km/h099,03 km/hWet
03/04/2016Lago Montefiascone140,44 km/h118,63 km/h
03/04/2016Subida a Algar112,64 km/h097,83 km/h096,94 km/h
03/04/2016Course de Côte de Mont St. Aubert163,53 km/h
03/04/2016Memorial Valeri Velikov105,20 km/h102,93 km/h
10/04/2016Subida a Pedro Bernardo120,96 km/h
10/04/2016Bergrallye Pöllauberg130,61 km/h121,36 km/h
10/04/2016Course de Côte de Bournezeau143,28 km/h122,28 km/h115,95 km/h
10/04/2016Course de Côte de Vencimont157,37 km/h 144,27 km/h119,54 km/h
10/04/2016Nigrita Hillclimb100,14 km/h
10/04/2016Course de Côte de Saint Savournin116,50 km/h100,97 km/h096,70 km/h
17/04/2016Pujada a Sant Mateu de Bages111,72 km/h106,05 km/h102,44 km/h
17/04/2016Course de Côte d'Irancy130,64 km/h115,83 km/h109,70 km/h
17/04/2016Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard135,64 km/h106,41 km/h
17/04/2016Course de Côte de St. Pierre de Varengeville118,07 km/h105,01 km/h099,39 km/h
17/04/2016Zakynthos Hillclimb091,39 km/h
17/04/2016Subida a Ubrique113,83 km/h107,64 km/h
17/04/2016Blagoevgrad118,51 km/h
17/04/2016Course de Côte de Sy110,80 km/h
17/04/2016Rampa da Penha110,07 km/h098,22 km/h098,23 km/h
17/04/2016Nagrada Kraljevo (Beranovac)115,11 km/h
23/04/2016Subida a El Time116,57 km/h108,32 km/h
23/04/2016Subida a Tejeda074,22 km/h
23/04/2016Subida al Castell de Guadalest101,13 km/h094,61 km/h
24/04/2016Salita del Costo135,20 km/h112,00 km/h119,70 km/h
24/04/2016Trofeul Rasnov107,72 km/h107,80 km/hWet
24/04/2016Course de Côte d'Abreschviller156,59 km/h131,88 km/h119,60 km/h
24/04/2016Rechbergrennen157,44 km/h140,20 km/h130,12 km/h
24/04/2016Dionysiou Hillclimb137,40 km/h134,19 km/h
24/04/2016Prescott Hillclimb101,34 km/h
24/04/2016Stubicke Toplice108,46 km/h096,98 km/h
24/04/2016Subida a Canencia110,32 km/h108,85 km/h
24/04/2014Subida a Cobertoria135,57 km/h120,14 km/h117,49 km/h
24/04/2016Bergpreis Schottenring121,69 km/hWet
30/04/2016Craigantlet Hillclimb122,85 km/h
01/05/2016Course de Côte de La Choisille127,00 km/h108,37 km/h103,79 km/h
01/05/2016Course de Côte de Hersin-Coupigny139,43 km/h116,39 km/h
01/05/2016Course de Côte de L'Ormont110,78 km/h099,19 km/h098,29 km/h
01/05/2016Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti / Sarnano Sassotetto129,60 km/h108,16 km/h106,22 km/hWet
01/05/2016Subida Villa de Noalejo106,16 km/h094,04 km/h
01/05/2016Subida a Oia118,51 km/h106,57 km/h
05/05/2016Course de Côte de Gavray151,59 km/h134,20 km/h124,66 km/h
05/05/2016Course de Côte de Gisors143,79 km/h125,34 km/h117,09 km/h
Average Speed based on the single fastest run by the race or category winner.
E1 includes all touringcars that are not part of A/N/R/GT but have finished ahead of those classes.