Class Structure Belgium

Belgian Hillclimb Championship

Category IN / BN-1600-2000+2000FIA Regulations.
Including cars out of homologation(=BN)
A / BA-1600-2000+2000FIA Regulations.
Including cars out of homologation(=BA)
E1-1600-2000+2000FIA Regulations.
Including GT Cars.
Category IICM-1300Prototypes powered by motorcycle engines.
CN/E2-SC-2000+2000FIA Regulations.
D/E2-SS-1150-1300-1600-2000-3000FIA Regulations.
Cars +2000cc have to be pre-approved by MSA.
Formula 3Part of Division D/E2-SS
EX/E2-SH-2000+2000Custom build cars and Silhouettes
Category IIIHistoricsAll classes together
Championships awarded to Category winners (Belgians only!).
Cups awarded to to Category winners (Foreign Drivers only!).

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