Class Structure Spain

Spanish Hillclimb Championship

Category ICNUp until 3000cc
E2-SCFIA Regulations
NationalNational sportscar regulations
Category IICMUp until 1000cc
E1 (Nat)Spanish Autocross Regulations
4-Wheel-Drive, max 4000cc, Tubular Chassis
Category IIIGT2FIA Regulations
GT3FIA Regulations
GT4Spanish Regulations
R-GTFIA Regulations
GT RallyeSpanish Regulations
GT (Nat)Spanish Regulations
GT (Hillclimb)Spanish Regulations
A2Cars from former STCC
Cars from Single Make Cups.
ADate of Homologation plus 10 Years
WRCFIA Regulations
S2000 (1.6T)FIA Regulations
S2000FIA Regulations
N+Spanish Rally Regulations
NFIA Regulations
Date of Homologation plus 10 Years
R1FIA Regulations
R2FIA Regulations
R3TFIA Regulations
R3FIA Regulations
R3DFIA Regulations
R4FIA Regulations
R5FIA Regulations
E1 (FIA)FIA Regulations
HistoricsSpanish Rally Regulations
E2 (Nat)Spanish Regulations
National 1Spanish Regulations
National 2Single Make
National 3Standard Engine
Championships awarded to Category Winners.
Cups awarded to Winners of Divisions CM, GT, A2, A, N, E1 and Historics.
Trophy awarded to best female in all divisions together.
Trophy awarded to best driver under 21 years of age in all divisions together.

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