Title:Subida a Tamaimo
Tracklength:5200 metres (until 2015: 5550 metres)
Elevation change:382 metres (6,5%)
Altitude finishline:525 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 14′ 31.56″ – -16° 49′ 49.8″
Fastest Time:2:43,805
Average Speed:114,28 km/h
Short FactsIn 2016 both the startline and the finishline were moved closer together.

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Subida a Tamaimo – List of Winners
18/02/1973Eugenio Montoro MartinonFormula Lince
17/03/1974José Canela BallesterosFormula Selex3:56,400
02/03/1975Hilario Gomez Del RosarioFormula Lince3:51,500
08/02/1976Hilario Gomez Del RosarioFormula Lince3:56,830
23/01/1977Carlos Hafner CaufieldMazda XR3 Savanna4:06,060
22/01/1978José Acosta MartinBMW 2002 Alpina4:02,250
14/01/1979José Canela BallesterosBrabham BT403:42,190
03/02/1980Andrés Medina GalindoSeat 14304:02,060
01/02/1981Juan Fernandez GarciaLola T297 BMW3:21,020
14/03/1982Juan Fernandez GarciaLola T297 BMW3:19,550
13/03/1983Juan Fernandez GarciaLola T290 BMW3:26,430
26/08/1984José Luis Rivero FajardoBMW 323 Hartge3:49,260
21/04/1985Juan Fernandez GarciaOsella BMW3:10,890
30/03/1986Juan Pedro Estevez CastellanoOsella BMW3:30,550
05/04/1987Carlos Hafner CaufieldMitsubishi Lancer Turbo3:41,580
27/03/1988Tomas Gimeno BelloMercedes 190E3:45,300
23/12/1989Tomas Gimeno BelloMercedes 190E3:33,720
01/03/1990Juan Fernandez GarciaOsella BMW3:10,900
09/05/1992Manuel Mesa PerezFord Sierra Cosworth3:34,040
11/06/1994Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T298 BMW3:28,890
20/05/1995Luis Monzon ArtilesOsella PA9/90 BMW3:07,070
08/06/1996Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T298 BMW3:13,960
19/07/1997Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T298 BMW3:08,940
17/10/1998Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T298 BMW3:01,270
10/07/1999Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T298 BMW3:09,690
15/07/2000Antonio Perez RosalesOsella PA8 BMW3:05,480
09/06/2001Francisco SaavedraGeri RB10 Seat3:07,440
03-04/08/2002ES: Roberto Mendez
CA: Carlos Alonso

Audi A4 ST
Osella PA9/90
22-23/08/2003ES: Luis Flores
CA Ricardo Avero

Seat Cordoba WRC
Lola T298
31/07/2004Lauren Garcia EstevezBRC Suzuki2:51,187
01/10/2005Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:53,426Results
07/10/2006Race stopped after accident.
06/10/2007David GonzalezSpeed Car GT2:53,304Results
04/10/2008Enrique CruzBRC Suzuki2:59,259Results
03/10/2009Lauren GarciaBRC2:58,909Results
02/10/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC3:00,407Results
01/10/2011Andrés VilariñoNorma M202:52,494Results
10-11/11/2012Javier VillaBRC CM05 EVO2:51,677Results
12-13/10/2013Julian FalconSilver Car S22:57,579Results
04/10/2014Julian FalconSilver Car S22:49,032Results
26/09/2015José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-492:49,603Results
02/10/2016José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-492:44,829Results
17-18/06/2017Javier VillaBRC B-495:27,941Results
06/10/2018Javier AfonsoSilver Car S32:45,799Results
05/10/2019Javier AfonsoSilver Car S32:49,607Results

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Subida a Tamaimo – Accomodation

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