Title:Subida a San Bartolomé
Place:San Bartolomé de Tirajana
Tracklength:5137 metres
Elevation change:340 metres
Altitude finishline:1240 metres
GPS coordinates:27° 55′ 30.36″ – -15° 34′ 39″
Fastest Time:2:56,457
Average Speed:104,80 km/h

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Subida a San Bartolomé – List of Winners
12/09/1972José Miguel BaezBMW 2002 Alpina3:34,200
18/11/1973“Squalo Canela II”Formula Selex 14303:21,900
01/12/1974Hilario GomezFormula Lince 16003:17,400
16/11/1975José MonzonFiat Abarth Sport3:16,600
28/01/1978“Squalo Canela II”Brabham BT403:19,120
26/09/1992Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:18,336
16/10/1993Luis MonzonOsella BMW3:10,827
14/05/1994Luis MonzonOsella BMW3:04,834
26/11/1995José HerreraToyota Corolla GTI3:35,453
23/11/1996Pedro PerezOsella BMW3:15,319
22/11/1997Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW3:10,939
14/10/2000Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/903:06,835Results
27/10/2001Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:58,089Results
21/09/2002Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:58,393Results
20/09/2003Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:57,918Results
04/09/2004Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:56,457Results
10/09/2005Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:58,651Results
04/11/2006Enrique CruzBRC Suzuki3:00,221Results
03/11/2007Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:57,449Results
08/11/2008Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:57,100Results
16/05/2009Lauren GarciaBRC Suzuki2:58,812Results
04/09/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM053:01,311Results
03/09/2011Julian FalconSpeed Car GT3:02,455Results
01/09/2012Julian FalconSpeed Car GT3:04,789Results
31/08/2013Julian FalconSilver Car S23:01,045Results
13/09/2014Ruben CurbeloMitsubishi Lancer3:16,664Results
12/09/2015Modesto MartinPorsche 996 GT33:14,920Results
03/09/2016Ivan ArmasPorsche 997 GT33:12,502Results
16/09/2017Luis MonzonAudi R8 LMS3:00,252Results
21/09/2018Luis MonzonAudi R8 LMS2:57,666Results
23/11/2019Ivan ArmasPorsche 997 GT33:13,125Results

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