Title:Subida a Salinas
Tracklength:4800 metres (until 2011: 2450 metres)
Elevation change:295 metres
Altitude finishline:605 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 59′ 39″ – -2° 34′ 4″
Fastest Time:2:12,376
Average Speed:130,54 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows the starline used until 2011.
The Subida a Arlaban uses the larger road east of the Salinas-track.

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Subida a Salinas – List of Winners
18/09/2010Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:41,923Results
16/07/2011Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:38,590Results
23/07/2016Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:24,015Results
06/05/2017Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:20,103Results
07/07/2018Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:12,376Results
13/07/2019Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:16,903Results


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