Title:Subida a Arlaban
Tracklength:6380 metres (6275 metres in 2012)
Elevation change:260 metres
Altitude finishline:590 metes
GPS coordinates:43° 0′ 45.72″ – -2° 32′ 34.8″
Fastest Time:3:04,751
Average Speed:124,32 km/h
Short FactsThe Subida a Salinas uses the smaller road to the west.

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2013 Version
Length: 4000 metres
Elevation: ?

Subida a Arlaban – List of Winners
07/07/2012Aitor ArakistainSilver Car S23:18,839Results
06/07/2013Aitor ZabaletaLola Diamante BMW1:56,209Results
05/07/2014Aitor ZabaletaLola Diamante BMW3:04,751Results

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