Title:Subida de Casa de Cristo – Moratalla
Tracklength:5000 metres
Elevation change:311 metres
Altitude finishline:985 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 10′ 43.68″ – -1° 54′ 6.4794″
Fastest Time:6:10,179 (2 runs)
Average Speed:97,25 km/h

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Subida Casa de Cristo (Moratalla) – List of Winners
24-25/03/2007Pedro RocaBRC CM022:34,265Results
29-30/03/2008Pedro RocaSilver Car2:32,393Results
07-08/09/2013Ruben CerezoSpeed Car GT3:06,430Results
13-14/09/2014Daniel AlbertSpeed Car GT6:17,125Results
03-04/06/2017Toni ArieteBRC B-496:10,179Results

130908_moratalla 140914_moratalla

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