Title:Subida a Ciudad de Montoro
Tracklength:2200 metres
Elevation change:100 metres
Altitude finishline:240 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 1′ 49″ – -4° 22′ 47″
Fastest Time:1:21,044
Average Speed:97,48 km/h

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Subida a Ciudad de Montoro – List of Winners
1985Felix BlascoErtoil FF
1986Antonio MailloFormula Ford
1987Tomas ArandaMartini MK37
1988Tomas ArandaFormula Maesa
1989Luis MartinezLola BMW
1990Tomas ArandaFormula Alfa
1991Conrado HerreroMartini Alfa
1992Antonio Sanchez BarraganRenault 5 Turbo
1993Javier ClimentLola BMW
1994Antonio MailloRalt Alfa Romeo
1995Rafael PalomaresRenault Clio Williams
1996Antonio MailloRalt RT30
1997Antonio MailloMeroil FF
1998Rafael PalomaresRenault Clio Williams
1999Francisco Javier ReinaOpel Lotus
2000Francisco Javier ReinaOpel Lotus
2001Francisco ManzanaresRalt
06-07/06/2015Manuel AvilesDemon Car1:22,389Results
04-05/06/2016Manuel AvilesBRC B-491:21,044Results
03-04/06/2017Bartolomé CazorlaSpeed Car GT1:24,675Results
02-03/06/2018Christian BrobergSilver Car S31:22,937Results
01-02/06/2019Miguel AldomarSpeed Car GTR2:48,635Results

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Subida a Ciudad de Montoro – Accomodation

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