Title:Subida a La Santa
Tracklength:3800 metres (2008: 4950 metres)
Elevation change:210 metres (2008: 300 metres)
Altitude finishline:585 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 47′ 45.24″ – -1° 31′ 54.84″
Fastest Time:3:05,673 (2 runs)
Average Speed:147,36 km/h
Short FactsThe red line on the map indicates the extra road used in 2008.

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Subida a La Santa – List of Winners
1986José Vicente ArnauMartini MK342:06,410
1987Javier ClimentMartini MK372:01,490
1988José Vicente ArnauRalt RT341:58,730
1989Javier ClimentLola BMW2:01,570
1993Javier ClimentLola BMW2:03,840
1994Antonio MailloRalt RT342:04,780
1995Javier ClimentLola BMW2:05,140
1996Javier ClimentLola BMW2:01,820
1997Luis MartinezOsella BMW3:24,940
1998Luis MartinezOsella BMW3:19,820
1999Xavi RieraBMW 320 ST3:58,070
2000Xavi RieraBMW 320 ST3:45,960
2001Xavi RieraBMW 320 ST3:47,950
2002Roberto MendezAudi A4 ST3:41,410
2003Roberto MendezAudi A4 ST3:38,940
01-02/05/2004Oscar PalacioSpeed Car GT1:47,847Results
30/04-01/05/2005Gorka ApalantzaBRC CM021:44,816Results
22-23/04/2006Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car GT1:43,494Results
28-29/04/2007Pedro RocaSilver Car1:43,367Results
26-27/04/2008Oscar PalacioSilver Car2:24,141Results
07-08/11/2009José Vicente ArnauOsella PA91:47,361Results
16-17/10/2010Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT1:45,186Results
08-09/10/2011Mateo LirolaSilver Car S11:44,467Results
06-07/10/2012Mateo LirolaSilver Car S11:48,013Results
28-29/09/2013Ruben CerezoSpeed Car GT1:47,101Results
27-28/09/2014Amador NevadoSilver Car S21:48,044Results
26-27/09/2015Ruben CerezoSilver Car S21:45,706Results
24-25/09/2016Manuel AvilesBRC B-491:42,240Results
23-24/09/2017Manuel AvilesBRC B-493:22,613Results
29-30/09/2018Joseba IraolaNorma M20 FC3:06,242Results
28-29/09/2019Javier VillaBRC B-533:05,673Results

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