Title:Subida a La Pasadilla
Tracklength:7100 metres
Elevation change:545 metres
Altitude finishline:960 metres
GPS coordinates:27° 55′ 17.76″ – -15° 27′ 2.1594″
Fastest Time:3:29,844
Average Speed:121,80 km/h
Short FactsBetween 2009 and 2011 the track was 9300 metres long. At the time this was the longest Hillclimb in Spain.

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Subida a La Pasadilla – List of Winners
11/02/1973Eugenio MontoroFormula Lince 14302:54,200
23/02/1975Hilario GomezFormula Lince 16002:41,000
11/07/1976Aureliano SantiagoSeat 14303:02,100
21/05/1977Andrés MedinaFormula Lince2:44,900
11/02/1978“Squalo Canela II”Brabham BT402:53,460
03/02/2007Francisco José SuarezBRC Suzuki2:34,462Results
09/02/2008Enrique CruzBRC CM022:21,412Results
07/11/2009Josue GonzalezRenault Megane5:39,313Results
06/11/2010Juan Luis CruzSubaru Impreza WRC5:13,983Results
15/10/2011Julian FalconSpeed Car GT5:14,970Results
05/05/2012Modesto MartinPorsche 911 GT34:29,495Results
11/05/2013Miguel CabralMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:47,877Results
10/05/2014Ruben CurbeloMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:52,101Results
16/05/2015Enrique CruzPorsche 997 GT3 Cup3:34,817Results
07/05/2016Modesto MartinPorsche 996 GT33:43,215Results
20/05/2017Miguel CabralMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:44,131Results
19/05/2018Ivan ArmasPorsche 997 GT33:35,557Results
18/05/2019Ivan ArmasPorsche 997 GT33:29,844Results

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