Title:Subida A Escusa – Poio
Tracklength:3800 metres
Elevation change:320 metres
Altitude finishline:470 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 27′ 37.8″ – -8° 41′ 2.76″
Fastest Time:3:53,437 (2 runs)
Average Speed:117,21 km/h

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Subida A Escusa Poio – List of Winners
24-25/09/2011Antonio VarelaOsella PA20/S4:01,585Results
22-23/09/2012César RodriguezT.Castor TC34:23,900Results
21-22/09/2013Race stopped
20-21/09/2014José Antonio VarelaOsella PA20/S3:57,681Results
19/09/2015Alexis VieitezFormula Outeda3:57,850Results
29-30/10/2016Jesus PomboDicode FR5:57,433Results
16-17/09/2017Pablo ReyFormula Outeda3:57,300Results
15-16/09/2018Alexis VieitezFormula Outeda3:55,922Results
14-15/09/2019Alexis VieitezFormula Dicode3:53,437Results

130922_escusapoio 140921_escusapoio 150920_escusapoio 161030_escusapoio

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