Title:Subida a Arnedillo
Tracklength:4000 metres (2016: 4200 metres) (until 2015: 4500 metres)
Elevation change:310 metres
Altitude finishline:1040 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 12′ 29″ – -2° 14′ 52″
Fastest Time:2:45,710
Average Speed:91,24 km/h
Short Facts:The offical tracklength changes every year, but the road remains almost the same.

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Subida a Arnedillo – List of Winners
24/06/2012Oscar RuizSilver Car S12:52,974Results
13/07/2013Oscar RuizSilver Car S12:58,030Results
07/06/2014Oscar RuizSilver Car S23:05,402Results
28/06/2015Joseba IraolaDemon Car2:53,292Results
05/06/2016Javier VillaBRC B-522:45,710Results
30/04/2017Arkaitz OrdokiBRC B-492:53,686Results
27/05/2018Asier BidaburuReynard RF10B2:49,561Results
30/06/2019Iñaki IrigoyenBRC B-492:50,758Results


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