Title:Subida a Algar
Place:Arcos de la Frontera
Tracklength:2750 metres (until 2015: 2550 metres)
Elevation change:62 metres
Altitude finishline:200 metres
GPS coordinates:36° 39′ 46.7994″ – -5° 40′ 9.84″
Fastest Time:1:27,894
Average Speed:112,64 km/h

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Blue pinpoint on the map shows the startline used until 2015.

Subida a Algar – List of Winners
17-18/03/2012José RomeroSilver Car S21:17,992Results
09-10/03/2013Mike AndersonMK Indy RR1:26,127Results
22-23/03/2014Jonathan AlvarezBRC CM05 EVO1:20,229Results
14-15/03/2015Francisco PerezSilver Car S21:17,056Results
02-03/04/2016Christian BrobergRadical PR61:27,894Results
01-02/04/2017Jonathan AlvarezBRC B-491:32,407Results
03-04/03/2018Christian BrobergSilver Car S31:34,365Results
30-31/03/2019Humberto JanssensPorsche 997 GT33:01,644Results
07-08/03/2020Humberto JanssensPorsche 997 GT33:03,294Results

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The small village of Algar lies in the southern tip of Andalusia, some 70km from the coast. Just a few kilometres further east and you are in the mountains, but at Algar those mountains are nothing more than hills. With altitudes of around 200m the hills act as natural walls to the various artificial lakes in the area.
The most important economic activities South Andalusia are tourism and agriculture. The region is one of the largest cork producers in the world and the cork oak forests in the Los Alcornocales National Park are among the most extensive in Europe. Algar is actually not far from another national park, the Sierra de Grazalema. In the heart of the park is Ubrique, known for the FIA Challenge Hillclimb. From Algar it is only a 34km drive to the northeast.
If you drive the same distance but then to the west, you will arrive at Arcos de La Frontera. This city is build on a sharp ledge that overlooks the Guadalete river. In the 13th century it was on the border of the Christian and Muslim worlds. Like Algar, Arcos de la Frontera is part of the White Towns of Andalusia. All the buildings in these town have whitewashed walls, often with red roofs, giving them a striking almost surreal effect.

Subida a Algar – Accomodation

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