Title:Subida Al Sueve
Tracklength:4100 metres (until 2016: 4300 metres)
Elevation change:425 metres
Altitude finishline:575 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 27′ 10.8″ – -5° 12′ 57.9594″
Fastest Time:2:07,381
Average Speed:121,53 km/h

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The Subida al Sueve uses the northern side of the Fito Mountain. The Subida a El Fito, round of the European Championship, uses the south side of the mountain.

Subida al Sueve – List of Winners
04/06/2005José Ramon FernandezMartini MK394:28,568Results
23/09/2006José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:09,184Results
15/09/2007Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S2:07,381Results
20/09/2008Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S2:10,966Results
19/09/2009José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:12,108Results
18/09/2010José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:13,909Results
17/09/2011Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:16,186Results
22/09/2012José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:11,731Results
07/09/2013Javier VillaBRC B-495:07,733Results
20/09/2014Javier VillaBRC B-492:10,446Results
19/09/2015Rafael GuardiolaNorma M204:25,137Results
17/09/2016Rafael GuardiolaReynard RF10B4:23,043Results
10/09/2017Ismael GarciaSilver Car EF104:37,583Results


Subida al Sueve – Accomodation

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