Title:Subida A Estrada
Place:A Estrada
Tracklength:5400 metres
Elevation change:100 metres
Altitude finishline:180 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 44′ 32.28″ – -8° 27′ 19.8″
Fastest Time:4:55,909 (2 runs)
Average Speed:131,39 km/h

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Subida A Estrada – List of Winners
25-26/06/2011Cristobal SerantesRalt RT344:56,840Results
23-24/06/2012Antonio VarelaOsella PA20/S4:55,909Results
22-23/06/2013Sergio VarelaSilver Car S25:02,108Results
21-22/06/2014Jacobo SobralSilver Car S25:03,783Results
07-08/10/2017 *Jacobo SobralSilver Car S24:07,857Results
06-07/10/2018Alexis VieitezFormula Outeda4:51,298Results
05-06/10/2019Alexis VieitezDicode BFF4:52,330Results

* Shortened racetrack

120624_aestrada 130623_aestrada 140622_aestrada

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