Title:GHD Gorjanci
Place:Novo Mesto
Tracklength:4300 metres
Elevation change:150 metres
Altitude finishline:440 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 45′ 45.3594″ – 15° 11′ 54.5994″
Fastest Time:3:08,720 (2 runs)
Average Speed:164,05 km/h

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GHD Gorjanci – List of Winners
25-26/06/2011Jaroslav KrajciLola B02/504:59,84Results
23-24/06/2012Vaclav JanikLola B02/505:19,20Results
07-08/09/2013Federico LiberGloria C8F5:10,67Results
21-22/06/2014Vaclav JanikLola B02/505:09,70Results
20-21/06/2015Federico LiberGloria C8F EVO3:25,92Results
11-12/06/2016Stefano Di FulvioOsella PA9/903:39,90Results
17-18/06/2017Federico LiberGloria C8P EVO3:20,656Results
16-17/06/2018Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC3:33,213Results
15-06/06/2019Patrik ZajelsnikNorma M20 FC3:08,720Results

140622_gorjanci 150621_gorjanci

GHD Gorjanci – Accomodation

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