Title:Oždianske Serpentíny
Tracklength:2800 metres
Elevation change:105 metres (3,75%)
Altitude finishline:310 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 22′ 38.9994″ – 19° 53′ 44.88″
Fastest Time:2:47,402 (2 runs)
Average Speed:120,43 km/h

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Ozdianske Serpentíny – List of Winners
11-12/05/2013Jaroslav KrajciLola B02/502:47,402Results
03-04/05/2014Josef BeresSubaru Impreza WRX2:56,020Results
16-17/05/2015Jozef BeresMitsubishi Lancer EVO III2:54,862Results
25-26/06/2016Igor DrotarSkoda Fabia R52:55,843Results
23-24/09/2017Jozef BeresTatuus PY0122:50,293Results
09-10/06/2018Veroslav CvrcekSkoda Fabia2:49,942Results
22-23/06/2019Veroslav CvrcekVeroslav Cvrcek2:48,746Results

130512_ozdany 140504_ozdany 150517_ozdany 160626_ozdany

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