Title:Brdska Trka Avala
Tracklength:3910 metres
Elevation change:190 metres
Altitude finishline:460 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 41′ 41.28″ – 20° 30′ 11.1594″
Fastest Time:4:28,649 (2 runs)
Average Speed:104,79 km/h

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Brdska Trka Avala – List of Winners
24-25/06/2017Luka SpadijerGlobal GT4:30,376Results
14-15/10/2017Vitomir CveticVolkswagen Golf4:43,117Results
29-30/09/2018Vasilije JaksicMitsubishi Lancer4:28,649Results
12-13/10/2019Aleksa RadojkovicHonda Civic4:33,818Results

Northern Serbia is is build on the Pannonian Plain, a large lowlands in central Europe which also includes large areas of Hungary and Croatia. Its geological history goes back 10 million years, when a large sea could be found here. The water disappeared some 600.000 years ago, leaving the rich loam soil ready for civilization.
In the endless lowlands a mountain seems out of place, and indeed the 511m Avala Mountain can be seen from far away. Avala was an island when the sea still existed, and in a sense it is still an island.
In a number of ways Avala is a special place in Serbia. Located some 15km from the capital Belgrade, the protected nature is a popular holiday destination for city dwellers. On the mountain you can also find various war memorials, including the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier. But its most famous landmark is the Avala Tower, a 204m high radio and television tower. Destroyed by NATO in 1999, it was later rebuild to be yet again the tallest building in Serbia.

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