Title:Trofeul Campulung Muscel
Tracklength:3000 metres
Elevation change:150 metres
Altitude finishline:950 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 22′ 30″ – 25° 3′ 45″
Fastest Time:2:51,110 (2 runs)
Average Speed:126,23 km/h

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Trofeul Campulung Muscel – List of Winners
01-02/09/2012Lucien HoraLola F30001:27,902Results
07-08/09/2013Lucien HoraLola F30002:53,966Results
20-21/09/2014Lucien HoraLola B99/503:03,028Results
19-20/09/2015Lucian RadutMitsubishi Lancer2:57,689Results
24-25/09/2016Lyuben KamenovMitsubishi Lancer3:27,083Results
23-24/09/2017Paul AndronicMitsubishi Lancer2:53,324Results
22-23/09/2018Bogdan SamoilaMitsubishi Lancer2:56,602Results
21-22/09/2019Lucien HoraLola B99/502:51,110Results

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