Title:Circuito Municipio do Funchal / Rampa do Monte
Tracklength:5700 metres
Elevation change:550 metres
Altitude finishline:1330 metres
GPS coordinates:32° 41′ 7.0794″ – -16° 54′ 16.1994″
Fastest Time:3:33,40
Average Speed:96,16 km/h

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Rampa do Monte / Circuito Municipio do Funchal – List of Winners
17/07/2010Felipe Freitas / Carina BarrosMitsubishi Lancer EVO X7:29,00Results
26/02/2011Felipe Freitas / Daniel FigueiroaMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX7:28,00Results
03/03/2012Felipe Freitas / Daniel FigueiroaMitsubishi Lancer EVO X3:41,80Results
23/02/2013André Costa NevesBRC CM023:37,90Results
24/05/2014Gil Freitas / Duarte MirandaPorsche 997 GT33:36,10Results
30/05/2015Alexandre Camacho / Pedro CaladoPorsche 997 GT33:33,40Results
04/06/2016Gil Freitas / Duarte MirandaPorsche 997 GT33:39,50Results
17/06/2017Dinarte NobregaSemog EVO3:37,40Results
21/04/2018Nelson AndradeSemog EVO4:11,984Results
25/05/2019Nelson AndradeAG Sport3:34,206Results

140525_rampadomonte 150530_rampadomonte 160604_rampadomonte

The Hillclimb is located on the island of Madeira, near the capital Funchal. Madeira was officially discovered and settled in 1419-1420 by Portugese Explorers. There is evidence however that the location of the island was known as far back as the Roman times. It quickly developed as an important stop for explorers and trade routes before traveling further on the atlantic. Today the harbour is still an important stop in transatlantic voyages, but then mostly for large cruiseships.
Madeira and the small islands in its neighbourhood are located some 500km from the African coast. They are part of a large underwater mountain range called the Tore-Madeira Ridge. The archipelago is situated right on top of a volcanic hotspot in the African Tectonic Plate. Madeira originated some 5 million years ago, but some of the smaller islands are much older. The landscape is extremely rugged, 90% of the landmass is above 500m with the highest peak reaching 1862m.
The island has a small but unique biodiversity. Madeira is sometimes labeled as the flower island for the various parks with exotic plants. Its Laurasilva Forests are protected as a World Heritage Site.

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