Title:Rampa de Boticas
Tracklength:5110 metres (until 2017: 4190 metres)
Elevation change:363 metres
Altitude finishline:860 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 41′ 6″ – -7° 39′ 48″
Fastest Time:3:54,925 (2 runs)
Average Speed:128,42 km/h
Short Facts:Blue pinpoint on map shows 2017 finishline.

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Rampda de Boticas – List of Winners
01-02/10/2016Pedro SalvadorNorma M20 FC3:54,925Results
23-24/09/2017Pedro SalvadorSilver Car EF104:24,228Results
29-30/09/2018Rui RamalhoOsella PA20004:37,959Results
28-29/09/2019João FonsecaSilver Car EF104:40,547Results


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