Title:Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-Zaluz
Tracklength:4688 metres
Elevation change:271 metres (5,4%)
Altitude finishline:625 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 32′ 46.3194″ – 22° 18′ 23.3994″
Fastest Time:4:27,333 (2 runs)
Average Speed:126,26 km/h

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Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski – Zaluz – List of Winners
14-15/06/2003Pawel DytkoMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:23,179Results
13-14/09/2003Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:20,809Results
19-20/06/2004Tomasz WywialAudi A45:16,257Results
18-19/06/2005Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:18,640Results
24-25/06/2006Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:11,947Results
16-17/06/2007Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:14,572Results
21-22/06/2008Robert KusMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI5:13,448Results
19-20/09/2009Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer5:07,317Results
25-26/09/2010Marcin BeltowskiSubaru Impreza4:56,725Results
10-11/09/2011Andrej KrajciLola T96/504:35,805Results
22-23/09/2012Marcin BeltowskiSubaru Impreza2:28,043Results
18-19/05/2013Robert StecLola T96/504:39,476Results
10-11/05/2014Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza4:44,815Results
09-10/05/2015Jozef BeresMitsubishi Lancer4:44,580Results
14-15/05/2016Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC4:27,333Results
13-14/05/2017Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC4:39,844Results
12-13/05/2018Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC4:32,231Results
11-12/05/2019Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC4:30,130Results


Zaluz is a small hamlet in the south-east corner of Poland. Slovakia and the Ukraine are only a few dozen kilometres away. Geographically it lies on the northern part of the Carpathian mountains. The Polish part of the Carpathians is generally called Bieszczady. The national park of the same name is the third largest of Poland. The area of the park has always been sparsely populated so the influence of humans has been relatively minimal. The large forests allow many large animals like Bears, Wolves and Lynx to live undisturbed.

Just across the San river from Zaluz is the city of Sanok. An important city since the medieval times, Sanok still has a renaissance style castle overlooking the town. Today it houses a History museum with an important icon collection.

Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski – Zaluz – Accomodation

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