Title:Alpe del Nevegal
Tracklength:5500 metres
Elevation change:526 metres
Altitude finishline:980 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 7′ 17.76″ – 12° 14′ 49.5594″
Fastest Time:5:00,31 (2 runs)
Average Speed:131,86 km/h

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Alpe del Nevegal – List of Winners
1954Giovanni ZulianiLancia Aurelia 20006:50,50
1958Ernesto PrinothFiat Abarth 7505:09,20
1959“Noris”Maserati 20004:40,10
1960Aemando ZampieroFerrari 30004:19,30
1962“Noris”Porsche Carrera4:14,30
1963Luigi MalancaLotus4:43,60
1964Herbert DemetzAbarth 20004:20,40
1965“Matich”Abarth 20005:26,30
1966Edoardo Lualdi GabardiFerrari Dino4:11,50
1967Edoardo Lualdi GabardiFerrari Dino6:46,90
1968Peter SchettyFiat Abarth7:45,10
1969Franco PiloneFiat Abarth 20006:45,80
1973Race stopped after accident.
1989Romano CasasolaOsella PA95:31,90
1990Ezio BaribbiOsella PA95:24,13
1991Mario CalicetiOsella PA95:31,90
1992Ezio BaribbiOsella PA95:24,13
1994Ezio BaribbiOsella PA92:49,14
1995Franz TschagerBreda BMW5:19,54
1996Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S BMW6:18,04
1997Franz TschagerLucchini BMW5:16,51
1998Ezio BaribbiOsella PA20/S BMW5:23,25
1999Mauro NestiBreda BMW5:24,79
2000Paolo StrenghettoSighinolfi BMW5:26,46
28-29/07/2001Fabrizio FattoriniOsella PA20/S6:14,11Results
20-21/07/2002Andrea De BiasiOsella PA20/S5:31,35Results
26-27/07/2003Mario CalicetiOsella PA20/S5:49,26Results
07-08/08/2004Christian MerliLucchini BMW6:25,85Results
06-07/08/2005Roberto RagazziOsella PA21/S6:02,19Results
05-06/08/2006Christian MerliOsella PA21/S5:27,99Results
04-05/08/2007Omar MaglionaOsella PA21/S5:31,09Results
09-10/08/2008David BaldiLola B02/505:20,19Results
08-09/08/2009Denny ZardoReynard Nippon5:06,33Results
07-08/08/2010Mirco SavoldiReynard Nippon5:14,98Results
06-07/08/2011Denny ZardoGloria CP8/106:10,04Results
04-05/08/2012Denny ZardoLola Zytek5:10,48Results
03-04/08/2013Christian MerliOsella PA20005:05,47Results
02-03/08/2014Andreas GabatFord Escort Cosworth6:03,98Results
01-02/08/2015Christian MerliOsella FA30 EVO5:00,31Results
30-31/07/2016Karl SchagerlVolkswagen Golf5:48,24Results
12-13/08/2017Denny ZardoLola B99/505:05,58Results
05-06/05/2018Omar MaglionaNorma M20 FC5:03,79Results
18-19/05/2019Omar MaglionaOsella PA20002:52,25Results

060806_alpedelnevegal 070805_alpedelnevegal 110807_alpedelnevegal 140803_nevegal 150802_alpedelnevegal

The Alpe del Nevegal is a skiresort in the north of Italy. It lies on the north face of the Bellunese Pre-alps, which seperate the Venetian plains from the Dolomites. The hillclimb rises to an altitude of about 1000m, still more than 700m short of the actual peaks. As with most skiresorts it is also open in the summer and offers a range of activities to enjoy the nature.
From the Nevegal you have an amazing view of the Bellunesi Dolomites National Park further north. This impressive mountain range has peaks that reach an altitude of 2600m. In a relatively small area there is a variety of landscapes. The mountains used to have large meadows for agriculture but are now slowly bewildering again. In the summer some mountains like the Monte Serva are still green as grass reflecting its use. But you will also find large areas of barren rocky sediments or large woodlands. In between flow wild streams which create large gorges, caves and beautiful rock formations. The tourist bureau has set up a large variety of walking trails to explore the park.
In between the Nevegal and the National Park lies the valley of the Piave river and the city of Belluno on its shores. Actually the valley with the city is part of the national park. Apart from the beautiful scenery the main attractions of the city are the old city centre and the Cathedral.

Alpe del Nevegal – Accomodation


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