Title:Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo
Tracklength:6400 metres
Elevation change:460 metres
Altitude finishline:700 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 42′ 52″ – 15° 9′ 3″
Fastest Time:6:33,32 (2 runs)
Average Speed:117,16 km/h

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Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo – List of Winners
1979Enrico Grimaldi
1980Enrico Grimaldi
1981Enrico Grimaldi
1982Alfio Canino
1983Benny Rosolia
1984Giovanni Cassibba
1985Enrico Grimaldi
1986Enrico Grimaldi
1987Enrico Grimaldi
1988Enrico Grimaldi
04-05/11/2006Angelo PalazzoGisa BMW3:41,85Results
11-12/08/2007Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW3:39,99Results
02-03/08/2008Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S3:39,59Results
18-19/07/2009Angelo PalazzoGisa BMW7:15,89Results
17-18/07/2010Luigi BruccoleriRadical3:31,94Results
11-12/10/2014Domenico Scola jr.Osella PA20006:39,34Results
24-25/10/2015Domenico CubedaOsella PA20006:36,93Results
15-16/10/2016Domenico ScolaOsella FA306:34,32Results
14-15/10/2017Domenico CubedaOsella FA306:33,32Results
07-08/07/2018Domenico CubedaOsella FA306:39,05Results
22-23/06/2019Luca CarusoOsella PA20006:40,36Results

790715_giarremilo 151025_giarre

Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo – Accomodation

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