Title:Cronoscalata del Santuario (Cefalù – Gibilmanna)
Tracklength:7450 metres
Elevation change:400 metres
Altitude finishline:715 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 1′ 47″ – 14° 1′ 30″
Fastest Time:7:00,94
Average Speed:100,92 km/h
Short FactsTracklength 1968: 10800 metres
Tracklength 1969-1976: 14000 metres
Tracklength 1977-1994: 12500 metres
Tracklength 2007-2017: 11800 metres
Tracklength 2018: 7450 metres
Historic only event between 2007 and 2018.

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Cefalù – Gibilmanna – List of Winners
1968Pietro Lo PiccoloFerrari Dino5:59,50
1969Mario SpadaforaAbarth 20008:23,30
1970Nino VaccarellaAbarth 20007:56,30
1971“Amphicar”Abarth 20007:54,50
1972Mauro NestiChevron B277:37,10
1973“Amphicar”Chevron B237:34,20
1974Mauro NestiLola BMW7:16,50
1975“Gianfranco”Osella PA37:29,50
1976Gabriele CiutiOsella PA57:13,40
1977Mauro NestiLola BMW6:56,00
1978Michel PignardChevron B366:36,10
1979Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA76:56,40
1980Jean-Louis BosLola T2986:42,00
1981Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA76:56,40
1982Benny RosoliaOsella PA96:36,20
1983Mauro NestiOsella PA96:24,20
1984Benny RosoliaOsella PA96:22,80
1985Mauro NestiOsella PA96:26,60
1986Benny RosoliaOsella PA96:33,89
1987Mauro NestiLucchini BMW6:28,04
1988Benny RosoliaOsella PA96:33,47
1989Mauro NestiOsella PA96:28,84
1990Mauro NestiOsella PA96:31,65
1991Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA9/906:56,27
1992Antonio IariaOsella PA106:53,70
1993Antonio IariaOsella PA107:02,27
1994Antonio IariaOsella PA106:44,88
10-11/10/2015“Claudio 65”Porsche Carrera RS8:52,76Results
25-26/06/2016Natale ManninoPorsche 911 SC7:14,12Results
03-04/06/2017Ciro BarbacciaStenger BMW7:00,94Results
13-14/10/2018Angelo LombardoPorsche 911 SC11:12,53Results
01-02/06/2019Samuele CassibbaOsella PA21 JRB8:49,42Results

151011_gibilmanna 160626_gibilmanna

Cefalù – Gibilmanna – Accomodation

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