Title:Alghero Scala Piccada
Tracklength:6285 metres (until 2015: 5000 metres)
Elevation change:281 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:345 metres
GPS coordinates:40° 32′ 16″ – 8° 21′ 29″
Fastest Time:4:39,37
Average Speed:128,86 km/h

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Alghero Scala Piccada – List of Winners
1955Gilberte ThirionMercedes 300SL5:53,70
1961Edoardo LualdiFerrari GTO 30004:59,60
1962Pierto FrescobaldiLancia
1963Giuseppe RebaudiAbarth
1964Angelo GilibertiAbarth Simca 13004:57,00
1965“Noris”Porsche 9044:47,00
1966“Prigigallo”Alfa Romeo Giulia4:55,30
1967Giuseppe RaffaAlfa Romeo GTA4:42,70
1971“Amphicar”Fiat Abarth 20003:49,90
1972Angelo GilibertiAbarth 20004:10,07
1973“Amphicar”Chevron B233:51,06
1974Alessandro CocchettiChevron B234:05,60
1975Franco PiloneAbarth Osella BMW4:11,00
1976Domenico ScolaBMW 20003:50,50
1977Domenico ScolaLola 30002:37,70
1978Franco LocciOsella PA53:57,40
1979Mauro SacchiniOsella PA64:02,71
1980Sergio FarrisOsella PA63:44,60
1981 (1)Mauro SacchiniOsella PA93:53,10
1981 (2)Uccio MaglionaOsella PA93:38,60
1982 (1)Uccio MaglionaOsella PA95:59,60
1982 (2)Uccio MaglionaOsella PA95:57,00
1983Piero NappiOsella PA95:48,60
1984Giuseppe TamboneOsella PA105:54,70
1985Ezio BaribbiOsella PA105:55,70
1986Ezio BaribbiOsella PA105:49,26
1987Ezio BaribbiOsella PA105:44,58
1988Ezio BaribbiOsella PA105:43,48
1989Giuseppe TamboneOsella PA105:47,73
1990Ezio BaribbiOsella PA95:43,60
1991Ezio BaribbiOsella PA105:37,57
1992Ezio BaribbiOsella PA95:38,93
1993Pasquale IrlandoAlfa Romeo 155 GTA6:02,88
1994Mauro NestiLucchini BMW5:45,39
1995Pasquale IrlandoOsella BMW5:33,64
1996Mauro NestiLucchini5:39,41
1998Ezio BaribbiOsella PA20 BMW5:32,46
1999Ezio BaribbiOsella PA20 BMW5:30,12
2000Franz TschagerOsella PA205:39,58
2001Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S5:24,03
05-06/10/2002Erasmo BolognaOsella PA20/S5:11,35Results
2003Giovanni MezzasalmaOsella BMW5:28,73
16-17/10/2004Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA21/S5:03,61Results
01-02/10/2005Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S5:08,22Results
07-08/10/2006Franco LasiaOsella PA21/S5:14,22Results
29-30/09/2007Omar MaglionaOsella PA21/S Honda5:08,39Results
2008David BaldiOsella PA274:53,59
26-27/09/2009David BaldiOsella FA304:46,53Results
02-03/10/2010Christian MerliPicchio PA44:46,13Results
17-18/10/2015Omar MaglionaNorma M20 FC4:39,37Results
28-29/10/2017Omar MaglionaNorma M20 FC5:19,37Results
27-28/10/2018Omar MaglionaNorma M20 FC5:20,31Results
28-29/09/2019Diego DegasperiOsella FA305:18,95Results

Alghero – Scala Piccada – Accomodation

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