Title:Wolsfelder Bergrennen
Tracklength:1640 metres
Elevation change:115 metres
Altitude finishline:345 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 54′ 28.8″ – 6° 27′ 28.8″
Fastest Time:4:07,389 (4 runs)
Average Speed:95,46 km/h

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Wolsfelder Bergrennen – List of Winners
30-31/05/2004Herbert StengerStenger BMW4:05,347Results
15-16/05/2005Bruno IanielloLancia Delta S44:13,135Results
04-05/06/2006Herbert StengerStenger BMW3:03,862Results
27-28/05/2007Norbert HandaLancia Delta Integrale3:42,120Results
11-12/05/2008Bruno IanielloLancia Delta S44:12,744Results
31/05-01/06/2009Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:06,492Results
23-24/05/2010Uwe LangOsella PA20/S4:08,101Results
12-13/06/2011Uwe LangOsella PA20/S4:10,471Results
27-28/05/2012Guy DemuthOsella FA304:07,389Results
19-20/05/2013Guy DemuthOsella FA303:19,878Results
08-09/06/2014Tommy RollingerOsella FA303:08,091Results
24-25/05/2015Egidio PisanoVolkswagen Golf3:25,395Results
15-16/05/2016David HauserDallara GP23:09,63Results
04-05/06/2017Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:09,03Results
20-21/05/2018Thomas ConradCRS MTK S5/73:08,299Results
09-10/06/2019Ronnie BratschiMitsubishi Lancer3:06,058Results

130519_wolsfeld 140609_wolsfeld 160516_wolsfeld

Wolsfeld is a small town in the west of Germany, some 12km away from the Luxembourgish border. It is currently the only German Hillclimb that takes place in the Eifel low mountain range. The southern part of the Eifel where Wolsfeld is located is lower than the north. The town itself is at an altitude of 220m. The area does not have well-defined peaks but rather long mountain ranges where small rivers have cut in the landscape. The general orientation of the ranges is north-south.

The nearest major town in Germany is Bitburg 10km to the north, famous for the alcoholic beverage of the same name. Just over the border lies Echternach. This is where most of the tourists end up staying.

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