Title:Bergrennen Unterfranken
Tracklength:3050 metres
Elevation change:152 metres (5,7%)
Altitude finishline:325 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 42′ 0″ – 9° 20′ 13.1994″
Fastest Time:3:35,676 (3 runs)
Average Speed:152,73 km/h

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Bergrennen Unterfranken – List of Winners
1967Rolf GöhringPorsche 911
1968Reinhold JöstPorsche Carrera
1969Walter LehmannFiat Abarth
1970Walter LehmannLola T210
1971Walter LehmannLola T212
1972Gerd KoppenhausenMarch F3
1973Walter LehmannLola
1974Hans DefflandSurtees S2
1975Dieter KernMarch F2
1976LoludescherMarch F2
1977Dieter KernMarch F2
1979Herbert StengerFord Escort
1980Peter StürtzLola F2
1981Albrecht KrebsOsella BMW
1982Peter StürtzMarch F2
1983Karl JordanMarch 802
1984Walter PedrazzaPRC M812
1985Peter StürtzMarch 802
1986Herbert StengerOsella
1987Herbert StengerStenger Sachs Sprint
1988Herbert StengerStenger Sachs
1989Horst FendrichOsella BMW
1990Herbert StengerSachs Sprint BMW
1991Rüdiger FaustmannFaust BMW
1992Herbert StengerSachs Sprint BMW
1994Horst FendrichMartini
1995Herbert StengerJunior Proto
1996Rüdiger FaustmannFaust P94 BMW
1997Herbert StengerStenger BMW
1998Gerd ClausDallara Opel
1999Rüdiger FaustmannRemus Faust Opel
2000Herbert StengerJunior Proto
2001Herbert StengerJunior Proto
2002Horst FendrichReynard F3000
2003Herbert StengerStenger BMW
11-12/09/2004Alexander HinReynard F30003:45,960Results
10-11/09/2005Norbert HandaLancia Delta4:24,870Results
09-10/09/2006Herbert StengerStenger BMW3:43,640Results
08-09/09/2007Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:44,770Results
13-14/09/2008Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S3:41,660Results
12-13/09/2009Marcel SteinerMartini MK773:39,440Results
11-12/09/2010Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:44,986Results
10-11/09/2011Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:47,192Results
08-09/09/2012Uwe LangOsella PA20/S2:30,176Results
07-08/09/2013Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:46,930Results
13-14/09/2014Patrik ZajelsnikNorma M20F3:35,676Results
12-13/09/2015Norbert BrennerOpel Vectra DTM3:54,642Results
10-11/09/2016Norbert BrennerOpel Vectra DTM3:46,937Results
09-10/09/2017Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:43,942Results
08-09/09/2018Alexander HinReynard 97D3:38,301Results
07-08/09/2019Alexander HinOsella PA303:57,434Results


Eichenbühl is located in the northwestern corner of Bayern. The town is penetrated by the Erf River, which floats into the Main just a few kilometres further downstream. The Erf River and this part of the Main are considered the border between the Odenwald Mountains in the south and the Spessart Mountains in the north. The mountains here are between 450 and 600 metres high. They are characterized by rounded peaks covered in forests.
Eichenbühl lies in the Bayerischer Untermain region. The main city of this region is Aschaffenburg, some 45 kilometres further north. The major landmark of this city is an enormous renaissance castle build on a ledge overlooking the Main. Schloss Johannisburg was build in red sandstone which lets it stand out from the surrounding area. Sadly the castle suffered a lot of damage at the end of the Second World War. The original interiors are mostly destroyed. The castle is now used to house a couple of museums. Among other things it has a large collection of renaissance paintings and also houses the world largest collection of architectural models made of cork. In Aschaffenburg another public monument overlooks the Main. It looks very much like a villa you would find in Pompeii. Except it was build in 1840 and still looks brand new.
Seventy kilometres to the west of Eichenbühl floats the Rhine river where the richest cities of Germany are, like Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mannheim and Heidelberg. But because you have to cross the Odenwald mountains to reach them, they are perhaps not an ideal place to visit from Eichenbühl. Perhaps Würzburg is a better city to focus on. Some 70 kilometres to the east of Eichenbühl the city is dominated by the gigantic Residenzschloss. The lavish decorations can easily measure up to Versailles or Schönbrunn, except it only receives one tenth of the visitors.

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