Title:Rennsteig Bergrennen
Tracklength:3950 metres
Elevation change:240 metres
Altitude finishline:675 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 52′ 15″ – 10° 26′ 17″
Fastest Time:4:48,600 (3 runs)
Average Speed:147,82 km/h

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Rennsteig Bergrennen – List of Winners
29-30/04/2006Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW5:19,961Results
12-13/05/2007Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S BMW5:22,933Results
24-25/05/2008Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:15,255Results
16-17/05/2009Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S BMW4:48,600Results

After 2009 the Rennsteig Bergrennen was replaced with the Glasbachrennen which is situated on the other side of the mountain. The finish lines of both races are only a few hundred metres apart.

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