Place:Bad Liebenstein
Tracklength:5500 metres (2011: 2100 metres)
Elevation change:260 metres
Altitude finishline:635 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 49′ 35.4″ – 10° 21′ 5.0394″
Fastest Time:5:58,19 (3 runs)
Average Speed:165,83 km/h
Short Facts

  • In 2011 the startline was in the same place but the finishline was only halfway.
  • This is the longest hillclimb in Germany that is still in use.
  • Part of the European Hillclimb Championship since 2012.
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    Glasbachrennen – List of Winners
    03-04/09/2011Milan SvobodaLola T96/503:40,187Results
    28-29/07/2012Vaclav JanikLola B02/507:37,128Results
    27-28/07/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:05,909Results
    26-27/07/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC4:10,756Results
    25-26/07/2015Milos BenesOsella FA304:15,690Results
    30-31/07/2016Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC4:03,258Results
    10-11/06/2017Christian MerliOsella FA305:58,19Results
    09-10/06/2018Christian MerliOsella FA303:59,641Results
    15-16/06/2019Christoph LampertOsella FA304:57,442Results

    150726_glasbach 160731_glasbachrennen

    Stretching from the northwest of Bad Liebenstein to the southeast is the Nature Park Thüringer Wald. The nature park covers a large part of the Thuringian Forest. The mountains here are very old and rounded at the top. They consist of metamorphic rocks or igneous rocks which were pushed to the surface. This uplifting, together with the streams that cut through the mountain range, create sharp elevation changes. Most interesting is the Drachenslucht gorge a few kilometres north of Bad Liebenstein. The park holds various cave systems which are opened to the public. Near Bad Liebenstein is the oldest and longest of Thüringen with the Altensteiner Höhle. Some 300m is opened to the public. Right through the park from northeast to southwest runs the Rennsteig hiking trail. It follows all the peaks of the mountainrange. Traditionally the Rennsteig is considered the border between north and south Germany.

    Bad Liebenstein is the oldest spa-town of the Thüringen state. It is still one of the premier tourist destinations of Thüringen. It has two castles protected in the Staatliche Schlösser Stiftung; the Fortress Bad Liebenstein which is now in ruins, and the Altenstein Castle. Near Bad Liebenstein Martin Luther was arrested in 1521 and taken to Wartburg some 25km further north. He was not arrested because the local authorities disagreed with his views, but rather the opposite. After he was excommunicated by the Catholic Church he needed protection. He received it at Wartburg Castle, overlooking the town of Eisenach where he grew up. During his stay he translated the New Testament in the German language, one of the most important moments in Protestant History. Wartburg can still be visted and is a World Heritage Site since 1999.

    Glasbachrennen – Accomodation

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