Title:Course de Côte int. de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col St. Pierre
Tracklength:5080 metres (until 2015: 5280 metres)
Elevation change:346 metres (6,6%)
Altitude finishline:575 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 7′ 30.36″ – 3° 51′ 52.2″
Fastest Time:4:27,703
Average Speed:136,78 km/h
Short FactsBefore the 2016 event the finishline was moved 200 metres downhill.

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Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre – List of Winners
15-16/04/2000Fabio DantiOsella BMW3:14,073Results
21-22/04/2001Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D2:32,925Results
26-27/04/2003Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D2:32,554Results
24-25/04/2004Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D2:25,030Results
23-24/04/2005Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D2:47,935Results
22-23/04/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D2:25,100Results
14-15/04/2007Sébastien PetitReynard 2KL2:30,729Results
19-20/04/2008Lionel RegalReynard Nippon3:06,866Results
18-19/04/2009Lionel RegalReynard 01KL2:26,021Results
17-18/04/2010Nicolas SchatzLola T94/502:24,594Results
16-17/04/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:47,241Results
14-15/04/2012Simone FaggioliOsella FA302:24,146Results
13-14/04/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA302:22,253Results
12-13/04/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC2:20,425Results
11-12/04/2015Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC2:19,545Results
16-17/04/2016Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC2:14,828Results
22-23/04/2017Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC2:18,044Results
14-15/04/2018Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC4:30,896Results
13-14/04/2019Christian MerliOsella FA304:27,703Results

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Saint-Jean-du-Gard lies in the south-east of the Cévennes. Which is a mountain range that itself is the southeastern part of the Massif Central. The lightly populated hills and mountains around St-Jean-du-Gard were historically Protestant. The long and troubled history with the Catholic monarchy can still be discovered in the many castles and ruins in the area, including the Château de St-Jean-du-Gard.
The town is also part of the Cévenness National Park. The nature can be enjoyed from a historic train that runs between Anduze and St-Jean-du-Gard. But the most beautiful area of the park is actually the northwest around Florac. The Gorges du Tarn and Gorges du Jonte are exceptional areas of natural beauty that should not be skipped on any holiday.
The nearest city is Alès, some 25km to the east.

Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre – Accomodation

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