Title:Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran
Place:Bagnols Sabran
Tracklength:3100 metres
Elevation change:120 metres (4,1%)
Altitude finishline:250 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 9′ 30.5994″ – 4° 32′ 2.3994″
Fastest Time:2:43,081 (2 runs)
Average Speed:136,86 km/h
Short FactsStarting from the 2010 edition, the startline was moved 200 metres downhill, while the finishline remained in the same position.

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Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran – List of Winners
1969Jacques BercandAlpine2:05,000
1970Daniel RouveyranTechno F21:56,000
1971Daniel RouveyranLola1:54,000
1972Jacques DaumetAbarth1:52,000
1973Jean LapierrePygmée1:46,000
1975Roger RivoireChevron1:41,890
1976Régis PechaireMarch1:43,020
1977Fredy CaninChevron1:43,020
1978Régis PechaireChevron1:43,060
1979Jean-Louis AlbinetMartini1:44,100
1980Michel SalviMarch F21:41,950
1981Marcel TarresMartini1:46,560
1982Anne BavereyRalt1:38,140
1984Marcel TarresMartini T011:26,510
1985Marcel TarresMartini MK431:25,610
1986Marcel TarresMartini T021:23,990
1987Marcel TarresMartini1:23,260
1988Daniel BoccardMartini1:22,510
1989Marcel TarresMartini MK561:21,440
1990Marcel TarresMartini MK561:22,760
1991Daniel BoccardMartini MK561:27,660
1992Marcel TarresMartini MK561:20,580
1993Daniel BoccardMartini MK561:21,190
1994Christian DebiasMartini MK5881:21,062
1995Christian DebiasMartini MK5881:21,098
1996Daniel BoccardMartini MK691:20,756
1997Daniel BoccardMartini MK691:20,528
1998Daniel BoccardMartini MK691:20,275
1999Christian DebiasMartini MK741:19,593
2000Bernard ChamberodReynard 93D1:21,132
2001Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D1:20,079
06-07/04/2002Bruno BazaudMartini MK813:03,529Results
05-06/04/2003Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D1:18,856Results
03-04/04/2004Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D1:17,015Results
09-10/04/2005Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D1:17,618Results
08-09/04/2006Alban ThomasLola T95/501:19,732Results
31/03-01/04/2007Christophe MalatesteNorma M201:29,140Results
05-06/04/2008Fabien FrantzReynard 92D1:18,505Results
04-05/04/2009Lionel RegalReynard 1KL1:16,830Results
10-11/04/2010Lionel RegalReynard 1KL1:24,758Results
02-03/04/2011Nicolas SchatzLola T94/501:24,225Results
31/03-01/04/2012Nicolas SchatzLola T94/501:25,268Results
06-07/04/2013Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC1:23,689Results
05-06/04/2014Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC1:23,536Results
28-29/03/2015Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC1:22,945Results
02-03/04/2016Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC1:40,721Results
01-02/04/2017Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC1:23,688Results
07-08/04/2018Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC1:22,106Results
30-31/03/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC2:43,081Results

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The Bagnols Sabran hillclimb is named after two towns. Its circuit lies in the small town of Sabran. Located on the hills overlooking the valley of the river Cèze, it still sports some old buildings like the ruins of a 12th century château.
The Cèze valley with its flowing hills that can reach 250m, is overshadowed by another river that flows some 25km further north. The Ardèche river has cut through the landscape leaving steep gorges. This natural wonder is protected in the natural park Gorges de l’Ardeche and is not to be missed on any trip to the area.
The Bagnols in the hillclimb title refers to the larger town Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Although it is an historic town Bagnols did not develop much until it industrialized in the 1950’s. Politically it belongs to the Languedoc-Roussilon region, but geographically it is more alike the nearby Vaucluse.
Although itself perhaps not the most interesting destination for a holiday, there is a lot more to see nearby. There is the old Roman city of Orange (25km east), historic Avignon (35km south) or you can discover the Rhône valley with its world famous wines.

Course de Côte de Bagnols Sabran – Accomodation

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