Title:Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines
Tracklength:1300 metres
Elevation change:70 metres (7%)
Altitude finishline:275 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 7′ 36.1194″ – 3° 54′ 11.1594″
Fastest Time:0:45,258
Average Speed:103,41 km/h

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Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines – List of Winners
29/02/2004Jean-Charles RosselDallara F39447,380Results
27/02/2005Jean-Charles RosselDallara F39949,480Results
26/02/2006Nicolas SchatzDallara 38947,240Results
25/02/2007Nicolas SchatzDallara 38947,068Results
24/02/2008Jean-Charles RosselDallara F39949,070
01/03/2009Joël RousselDallara F30153,360Results
28/02/2010Nicolas MassuNorma M2045,650Results
06/03/2011Nicolas MassuNorma M2046,413Results
26/02/2012Nicolas MassuNorma M2046,284Results
24/02/2013Sebastien PierreDallara F39748,573Results
23/02/2014Nicolas MassuNorma M2046,635Results
01/03/2015Nicolas VerdierDallara F30245,258Results
29/05/2016Nicolas VerdierDallara F30245,566Results
26/02/2017Nicolas VerdierDallara F30246,143Results
25/02/2018Nicolas VerdierDallara F30245,537Results
01/03/2020Nicolas VerdierDallara F30247,213Results

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The Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines is located only a few kilometres from the Col St. Pierre where the European Championship is competed. It starts at the bridge over the Gardon de Mialet and climbs southwards in the direction of St. Jean-du-Gard, which lies in the next valley.
Saint-Jean-du-Gard lies in the south-east of the Cévennes. Which is a mountain range that itself is the southeastern part of the Massif Central. The lightly populated hills and mountains around St-Jean-du-Gard were historically Protestant. The long and troubled history with the Catholic monarchy can still be discovered in the many castles and ruins in the area, including the Château de St-Jean-du-Gard.
The town is also part of the Cévenness National Park. The nature can be enjoyed from a historic train that runs between Anduze and St-Jean-du-Gard. But the most beautiful area of the park is actually the northwest around Florac. The Gorges du Tarn and Gorges du Jonte are exceptional areas of natural beauty that should not be skipped on any holiday.
The nearest city is Alès, some 25km to the east.

Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines – Accomodation

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