Title:Course de Côte de Wangenbourg-Engenthal
Tracklength:1530 metres (until 2016: 1350 metres)
Elevation change:73 metres (5,5%)
Altitude finishline:446 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 38′ 10.32″ – 7° 18′ 12.96″
Fastest Time:0:42,481
Average Speed:129,66 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows the startline used until 2016.

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Course de Côte de Wangenbourg – Engenthal – List of Winners
13/04/2009Guillaume CariteyDallara F3990:41,006Results
05/04/2010Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:41,040Results
25/04/2011Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:41,920Results
09/04/2012David MayeurMartini MK800:42,301Results
09/05/2013David MayeurMartini MK800:42,024Results
06/04/2015David MayeurDuqueine JYM0:40,822Results
28/03/2016David MayeurMartini MK690:41,423Results
17/04/2017David MayeurMartini MK620:47,178Results
19/08/2018Pierre MayeurMartini MK620:42,481Results

090413_wangenbourg 100405_wangenbourg 130509_wangenbourg 150406_wangenbourg 160328_wangenbourg

Course de Côte de Wangenbourg-Engenthal – Accomodation

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