Title:Course de Côte Abreschviller – Saint Quirin
Tracklength:2100 metres
Elevation change:110 metres
Altitude finishline:420 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 37′ 28.56″ – 7° 6′ 7.56″
Fastest Time:0:47,405
Average Speed:159,48 km/h

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Course de Côte d’Abreschviller – List of Winners
02-03/05/1998Christian DebiasMartini MK741:49,798Results
01-02/05/1999Christian DebiasMartini MK741:43,990Results
28-29/04/2001Christian DebiasMartini MK740:52,598Results
27-28/04/2002Lionel RegalReynard 96D1:47,194Results
03-04/05/2003Lionel RegalReynard 96D0:51,586Results
01-02/05/2004Bernard ChamberodReynard 93D0:50,440Results
30/04-01/05/2005Lionel RegalReynard 95D0:50,210Results
29-30/04/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D0:49,261Results
28-29/04/2007Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:49,101Results
26-27/04/2008Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:48,476Results
25-26/04/2009Sébastien PetitReynard 95D0:48,588Results
24-25/04/2010Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:48,144Results
30/04-01/05/2011Nicolas SchatzLola T94/500:51,937Results
28-29/04/2012Nicolas SchatzReynard Nippon0:49,075Results
27-28/04/2013Nicolas SchatzNorma M20FC0:48,015Results
26-27/04/2014Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:47,486Results
25-26/04/2015Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:47,754Results
23-24/04/2016Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:48,280Results
29-30/04/2017Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC0:47,983Results
28-29/04/2018Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC0:47,405Results
27-28/04/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC1:44,552Results

110501_abreschviller 130428_abreschviller 140427_abreschviller 150426_abreschviller 160424_abreschviller

Abreschviller is located in the north eastern tip of France in the Lorraine department. Abreschviller governs a rather land large area, but almost 90% is forested mountains. The nature can be best discovered in the old steam train that starts from the town. This train takes a 12km tour into forests and the valley of the Sarre Rouge River.
The Hillclimb travels in the southwest direction towards Saint Quirin. This town is easily recognized by the 11th Century Haute-Chappelle. This small church is build on a hilltop above the town center. The same concept can also be seen some 15 kilometres to the northeast of Abreschviller. Here at Dabo at the end of the 19th Century a Chapel was build at the highest point (664m). From the top you will get a panoramic view of the Vosges Mountains. From a large distance it looks like the base of the Chapel is bizarrely oversized. But on closer inspection it turns out the chapel is build on an exposed Sandstone Rock Formation. Contrary to the southern and central Vosges Mountains, the Northern Vosges are covered by a sandstone layer. This sandstone erodes faster than the Granite and Gneiss of the southern Vosges, exposing oddly shaped rock formations and large cliffs. Around Dabo quite a few can be discovered. Although saying the Northern Vosges is technically not correct as they start some 30km further north of Abreschviller at Saverne and are protected in a nature reserve.
Abreschviller lies halfway between Nancy in the west and Strasbourg in the east, both 85 kilometres by car.

Course de Côte de Abreschviller – Accomodation

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