Title:Course de Côte de Chanteloup
Tracklength:1800 metres (1926-1935: 1200 metres)
Elevation change:114 metres
Altitude finishline:166 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 58′ 13″ – 2° 1′ 56″

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With old tracks it is always difficult to find the correct route. From contemporary reports it can be concluded that the Chanteloup Hillclimb started at the railway crossing, went past the church and then all the way to the top. The modern road might be in a different spot, but it seems quite correct.

Course de Côte de Chanteloup-les-Vignes – List of Winners
27/11/1898Camille JenatzyPostel-Vinay3:52,00Results
12/11/1899Camille JenatzyJenatzy Electric3:10,40
04/11/1900Henri de RothschildDaimler 24hp3:45,80
02/05/1926Charles MontierMontier Special1:12,00
26/06/1927Georges DugatDerby Sport1:14,60
24/06/1928Yves Giraud-CabantousSalmson1:08,40
14/04/1929Victor TersenBugatti T37A1:11,80
13/04/1930“Sabipa”Bugatti T35C1:02,00
08/03/1931Yves Giraud-CabantousCaban1:04,80
26/03/1933José ScaronAmilcare1:00,06
18/03/1934José ScaronAmilcare0:58,40
17/03/1935Robert CazauxBugatti T511:01,00

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  1. Roger Cadogan says:

    A group of pre war MGs are interested in this event in 2019. Could you please send all available entry inscription as soon as it is available.
    Many thanks.

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