Title:Course de Côte de La Pommeraye
Place:La Pommeraye
Tracklength:2500 metres (2011-2014: 2603 metres)
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:90 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 22′ 3.36″ – 0° 49′ 40.4394″
Fastest Time:1:39,510 (2 runs)
Average Speed:180,89 km/h

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The blue pinpoint on the map shows the 2011-2014 startline. During that time the drivers drove straight on to the current startline, before looping back at what is now the first right corner. That meant the drivers raced a small part of the track in both directions.

Course de Côte de La Pommeraye – List of Winners
1964Jean-Marie VincentAC Cobra
1965GransartLotus Ford
1966Robert CohenMaserati 1300
1967Philippe De HenningBrabham F3
1968René LigonnetBrabham
1969Marcel PetitjeanPorsche Carrera
1970Yves MartinTecno Ford
1971Jean-Claude Le GoubinTecno 1595
1972Yves MartinTecno F2
1973Yves MartinMcLaren F2
1974Yves MartinMcLaren F2
1975Pierre MaublancMarch BMW
1976Michel LatesteMarch 742
1978Yves CourageMartini MK15
1979Max MamersMarch BMW
1980Yves CourageMartini F2
1981Yves CourageMartini F2
1982Jean-Philippe GrandLola T298
1983Christian DebiasMartini MK28
1984Marc RegalMartini MK29
1985Christian DebiasMartini MK43 BMW
1986Serge VidalMartini MK43
1987Gérard DilmannMartini MK52
1988Marcel TarresMartini MK56
1989Marcel TarresMartini MK58
1990Marcel TarresMartini MK56T
1991Daniel BoccardMartini MK56
1992Marcel TarresMartini MK56T
1993Daniel BoccardMartini MK56
1994Christian DebiasMartini MK58B
1995Christian DebiasMartini MK58B
1996Daniel BoccardMartini MK58
1997Daniel BoccardMartini MK63
1998Christian DebiasMartini MK74
1999Lionel RegalLola T91/50
2000Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D
26-27/05/2001Lionel RegalReynard 93D1:49,90Results
08-09/06/2002Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D0:56,517Results
17-18/05/2003Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D0:57,427Results
27-28/09/2003Gérard PetitReynard 94D0:59,620Results
2005Lionel RegalReynard 99D
13-14/05/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D0:55,213Results
12-13/05/2007Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:57,698Results
24-25/05/2008Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:55,871Results
09-10/05/2009Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:55,767Results
29-30/05/2010Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:54,923Results
28-29/05/2011Sébastien PetitLola B06/511:06,687Results
26-27/05/2012Nicolas SchatzReynard Nippon1:00,136Results
25-26/05/2013Nicolas SchatzNorma M20FC0:59,430Results
24-25/05/2014Nicolas SchatzNorma M20FC0:58,807Results
23-24/05/2015Sébastien PetitNorma M20FC0:50,669Results
21-22/05/2016Nicolas SchatzNorma M20FC0:53,889Results
20-21/05/2017Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC0:50,990Results
26-27/05/2018Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC0:50,144Results
25-26/05/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC1:39,510Results

100530_lapommeraye 110529_lapommeraye 130526_lapommeraye 140525_lapommeraye 150524_lapommeraye 160522_lapommeraye

La Pommeraye is a town in the Pays de Loire. It hosts one of the only two hillclimbs in this region, the other being Bournezeau. The town is situated three kilometres south of the river Loire. The area is mostly used for viticulture. It lies right between three major cities; Nantes (70km west), Angers (32km east) and Cholet (42km south).
La Pommeraye is in the eastern most part of the Massif Armoricain. This Massif stretches from the western tip of Brittany towards western Normandy and the north of Pays de Loire near La Pommeraye. The peaks in this massif reach no higher than 410 metres. Nevertheless, in geology this is classified as a mountain range. The area was uplifted in the Cretaceous Period a 100 million years ago, when the Bay of Biscay was formed. The soil of the Massif Armoricain consists of very old rocks sometimes more than 600 million years old. Over time the mountain formations have been eroded to the plateau today.
The natural and historic region around La Pommeraye is called the Mauges. The area has always remained in the shadows of world history. The rich aristocracy lived further upstream the Loire, east of Angers. There they build enormous castles, now considered one of the most beautiful spots in France. A fine example can be found close to La Pommeraye, 15km north. It is the renaissance castle called Chateau de Serrant near Saint Georges de Loire.
The inhabitants of the Mauges were historically devoted catholics. They even joined the royalist rebellion against the Revolution in 1793. However there are not many large churches, certainly not in the Gothic or Romantic styles. Some 15 kilometres west of La Pommeraye is perhaps the biggest christian monument with the Abbey of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil. Nearby is also a prominent windmill that you will see on many touristic pictures.

Course de Côte de La Pommeraye – Accomodation

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