Title:Šternbersky vrch
Tracklength:4800 metres (until 2014: 2690 metres) (2019: 3200 metres)
Elevation change:198 metres
Altitude finishline:490 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 44′ 23.28″ – 17° 18′ 27.72″
Fastest Time:3:41,26 (2 runs)
Average Speed:156,19 km/h
Short FactsThis hillclimb is run over a small part of the Ecce Homo Hillclimb course. Blue pinpoint on the map shows the 2014 startline.
The 2019 startline was 510 metres downhill from 2014.

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Šternberský vrch – List of Winners
29-30/06/2013Karel StehlikMitsubishi Colt2:38,01Results
21-22/06/2014Ferdinand MadrianNorma M20F2:22,15Results
05/09/2015Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC3:48,84Results
10/09/2016Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek4:03,89Results
09/10/2017Dusan NeverilNorma M20 FC3:45,90Results
08/09/2018Milos BenesOsella FA303:41,26Results
20-21/04/2019Dusan NeverilNorma M20 FC2:39,36Results

140622_sternbersky 150906_sternberk 160910_sternberskyvrch

Sternbersky vrch – Accomodation

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