Title:Course de Côte de Vencimont – Mémorial Jules Massinon
Tracklength:2100 metres
Elevation change:116 metres
Altitude finishline:370 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 1′ 50.8794″ – 4° 55′ 3.36″
Fastest Time:0:45,73
Average Speed:165,32 km/h

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Course de Côte de Vencimont – List of Winners
15/04/2012Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F45,88Results
14/04/2013Jacques MarchalNorma M20F48,79Results
13/04/2014Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F47,56Results
12/04/2015Jacques MarchalNorma M20F48,03Results
10/04/2016Jacques MarchalNorma M20F48,04Results
09/04/2017Jelle de ConinckNorma M20 FC45,73Results

The Namur Ardennes in southern Belgium hold three hillclimbs within 30 kilometres of eachother. They are Felenne, Houyet and Vencimont. Although close to eachother they all lie in different muncipalities, Vencimont being part of Gedinne. The heart of the Namur Ardennes, Gedinne is sparsely populated by humans but all the more by animals and trees. During the Second World War the resistance fighters roamed these dense forests, but today they are mostly enjoyed by tourists. The tourist office has set out a number of routes to travel by foot, bicycle, car or even kayak.
The most interesting landmark of Gedinne must be the Millenium Tower. It is built on the highest point of the province, the Croix Scaille (504m). This 60 metres high tower was build with wood in 2001 but was already rotten away by 2008. Subsequently the Millenium Tower had to be destroyed, but was completely rebuild in 2012. This time in steel.
The Croix Scaille marks the border between France and Belgium. You would expect it to lay south of Vencimont, but it is actually to the west. This is because France owns a large part of the Meuse Valley. On a map it looks like a large tentacle is reaching into the Belgium. The most northern part of this French ‘peninsula’ is at Givet. This town came into French possesion in 1678. The new rulers immediately set about to renovate the 16th century Fort de Charlemont which held a strategic place in the region. Today the Fort still exists, but the skyline is actually dominated by a large nuclear plant.
Vencimont is located some 30 kilometres to the southeast of Dinant. This fortified town was a centre point in many wars. Dinant is currently situated near the French border, but in medieval times it had a fierce rivalry with Namur. In the First World War there was also heavy fighting in the small city. When the Germans finally captured the town they shot 674 citizens. The major landmarks of the city include the citadelle, build by the Dutch in the 1820s, and the Notre Dame Church. Another curious landmark in Dinant is the Bayard. This is a tall pointy rock, literally in the middle of a road. It is part of the legend of the Four Sons of Aymon. This centuries old tale describes the adventures of four brothers who come into conflict with Charlemagne. The brothers have to flee and aided by their magical horse Bayard they embark on a series of adventures. The story of The Four Sons of Aymon still plays an important role in the folklore of the Ardennes. There can still be found many statues, monuments, parades and traditions relating to the legend in the whole region. For example, as you might have noticed the organizing club is called Ecurie Bayard. The Bayard Rock in Dinant is said to have been created when the magical horse Bayard jumped the Meuse River. He used the rockformations to launch off, thereby splitting them in two.

Course de Côte de Vencimont – Accomodation

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