Results Course de Côte de Sy 2018

The Course de Côte de Sy was the second round of the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Challenge. The event attracted almost twice as many competitors as the opening round. They were greeted by the most ideal weather conditions.

A two-way fight for victory erupted between Jacques Marchal and Didier Boemer. Quickiest in practise was Boemer, but his rival Marchal was just .08 seconds behind. In race 1 the roles were reversed. The reigning national champion was more than a second quicker as Boemer. In race 2 Boemer went even quicker and retook the lead. Everything would be decided in the third and final race of the day. Here showed his class and set fastest time of the day. This proved to be enough for overall victory. Third in division 4 was for the leading kart-cross pilot Denis Delrue.

Winner of the opening round Olivier Dubois continued his winning form in Sy. It went somewhat easier than two weeks ago as Dewulf, Le Nouvel and Cricus were all absent this Sunday. Quentin Guilbert steered his impressive Nissan Skyline to second place. He was no match for Dubois in the smaller Lotus and finished 7 seconds behind. The winning Lotus Elise also finished third at the hands of Michel Dubois.

22/04/2018 – Course de Côte de Sy
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 MarchalJacquesVan Diemen FX4/152:21,32
2 BoemerDidierDallara F3944/162:21,41
3 DuboisOlivierLotus Elise3/132:29,57
4 DelrueDenisPanthera Kart-Cross4/142:29,74
5 CollardBrunoBRC B-494/152:30,66
6 MiloneAnthonyPanthera Kart-Cross4/142:30,98
7 MatagneBenoitBRC Kart-Cross4/142:32,28
8 GoudersCedricKamikaze II Kart-Cross4/142:34,05
9 PietteValerePeters Kart-Cross4/142:35,53
10 GuilbertQuentinNissan Skyline3/132:37,33
11 DozotValentinPRM Kart-Cross4/142:37,82
12 DuboisMichelLotus Elise3/132:37,96
13 SchrootenCollaCitroën Xsara3/122:40,01
14 DeminnePhilippeFord Ka4/152:40,77
15 LejeuneDidierMitsubishi Lancer3/132:41,24
16 JuniusLionelPeugeot 205 GTI3/122:42,77
17 DierckxDanielCitroën AX3/112:43,50
18 VandeweyerJurgenOpel Kadett3/122:43,53
19 De BusserJefBMW Compact3/132:44,48
20 DelhouneArnaudVolkswagen Golf I3/122:45,78
21 LamyNicolasCitroën C2R23/112:47,92
22 GrosjeanStephanePeugeot 205 GTI3/122:47,97
23 CravillonLaurentRenault Clio RS2/72:47,97
24 LeysenSteveFord Escort3/122:48,19
25 HermannsMarioPeugeot 205 GTI3/112:48,66
26 LoodtsRudyOpel Corsa3/122:48,78
27 BlavierJacquesVolkswagen Golf3/132:49,30
28 DuchesneJeanFord Escort2/72:50,57
29 CornetVincentOpel Ascona3/132:51,35
30 HellingsPhilippeFord Escort RS3/122:51,85
31 WampachBenjaminCitroën C2R2 Max2/62:51,96
32 SchrootenSanneCitroën 2CV3/102:51,99
33 VieujeanRaphaelPeugeot 1062/62:54,54
34 DormalMathieuFord Fiesta2/62:55,01
35 HebrantMaximeOpel Manta2/82:55,30
36 GillesGeoffreyVolkswagen Polo G402/82:55,39
37 ReGinoWestfield SEi2/72:55,61
38 CornetBernardVolkswagen Beetle 1303S3/132:56,19
39 DurieuDenisVolkswagen Golf1/32:56,95
40 Chacon-RuizEduardoVolkswagen Golf2/82:58,23
41 WilmsTimHonda Civic2/72:59,61
42 LesMaximePeugeot 1062/52:59,75
43 CzaplickiDylanBMW 20022/73:00,24
44 CzaplickiPhilippeBMW 20022/73:00,94
45 BarthelemyQuentinOpel Corsa2/63:01,42
46 Chacon-RuizMaximeVolkswagen Golf2/83:02,26
47 MoreauKevinCitroën AX GTI3/103:02,41
48 Chacon-RuizAnthonyVolkswagen Golf II2/63:02,71
49 BlancheMarcPeugeot 1062/53:03,85
50 SaussusJulienFord Fiesta1/23:04,98
51 DevauxMarcCitroën Saxo1/23:06,13
52 RodriguezMiguelFord Fiesta1/23:07,88
53 DanielsJean-ClaudeRenault Clio RS1/33:07,88
54 MathyAlexisPeugeot 1062/53:09,76
55 DerenneGauthierVolkswagen Golf II2/53:11,72
56 HellingsFrancisFord Escort RS2/73:12,91
57 BoucheAlexandreFord Puma2/73:12,91
58 PaepenStijnBMW E36 Compact2/63:15,36
59 CollardArnaudBMW E303/133:18,23
60 MarionBenoitCitroën 2CV3/93:48,26

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