Title:Bergrennen St. Andrä – Kitzeck
Place:Sankt Andrä-höch
Tracklength:2070 metres (2016: 1695 metres) (until 2014: 2110 metres)
Elevation change:156 metres (7,44%) (2016: 140 metres)
Altitude finishline:525 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 48′ 2.88″ – 15° 24′ 35.28″
Fastest Time:1:57,802 (2 runs)
Average Speed:126,52 km/h
Short FactsThe blue pinpoint shows the 2016 finishline.

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Bergrennen Sankt Andrä / Kitzeck – List of Winners
03/07/2005Dieter HöllerFord Escort Cosworth1:39,850Results
27-28/05/2006Hermann WaldyReynard F30001:30,930Results
16-17/06/2007Hermann WaldyReynard F30001:26,632Results
31/05-01/06/2008Hermann WaldyReynard F3000
30-31/05/2009Hermann WaldyReynard F30001:54,638Results
22-23/05/2010Lionel RegalReynard F30001:56,505Results
16-17/07/2011Hermann WaldyLola F30001:59,257Results
14-15/07/2012Eric BerguerandLola FA992:08,641Results
13-14/07/2013Eric BerguerandLola FA992:54,589Results
12-13/07/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA992:39,338Results
28/03/2016Andreas MarkoAudi A4 STW1:37,536Results
17/04/2017Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 911 Bi-Turbo2:01,789Results
02/04/2018Rupert SchwaigerPorsche 911 Bi-Turbo2:01,308Results
22/04/2019Karl SchagerlVolkswagen Golf Rallye1:57,802Results

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