Standings Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship 2018

Below are the complete points standings of the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship. Also included are all the individual group and class winners of 2018.

Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship – Division 1-2-3
1 Alain Cricus(40)5050484848464848(44)48434
2 Quentin Guilbert464448505050465046(36)430
3 Olivier Dubois5050484444444240362
4 Daniel Dierckx3439443944443435(31)38(32)351
5 Michel Dubois4042353436313132281
6 Philippe Denis243025322325252529238
7 Fabian Bury424642373733237
8 Julien Saussus252526252625252523225
9 Andy Denis1529193123252625193
10 Tim Wilms191922(15)252323221719189
11 Alain Etienne362638212931181
12 Maxime Deminne17342928212319171
13 Gauthier Derenne211921211515132119165
14 Benjamin Georis373338192513165
15 Marc Devaux23232323232325163
16 Kevin Moreau212331242825152
17 Tristan Denis312121192121134
18 Julien Renaud172117231721116

Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship – Division 4
1 Philippe Deminne403244484648484240388
2 Anthony Milone404846504846278
3 Florian Collard444840444046262

Belgian Regional Class Champions
Division 1Philippe Denis209
Division 2Alain Cricus225
Division 3Quentin Guilbert217
1/2Julien Saussus223
1/3Philippe Denis217
2/5Andy Denis176
2/6Gauthier Derenne146
2/7Tim Wilms177
2/8Alain Cricus225
3/10Kevin Moreau142
3/11Daniel Dierckx223
3/12Fabian Bury144
3/13Quentin Guilbert217
4/14Anthony Milone146
4/15Philippe Deminne211

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