Results Trierer Bergrennen 1997

Results of the Trierer Bergrennen.

14-15/06/1997 – Bergrennen Trier
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 FaustmannRüdigerFaust P94 Opel4:59,23
2 IrlandoPasqualeOsella PA20/S BMW5:05,98
3 StengerHerbertStenger BMW5:08,58
4 Krisam jr.MartinOsella PA20/S BMW5:10,40
5 WagnerArnoldMartini MK74 BMW5:10,80
6 RegosaGiulioRebo Sport BMW5:10,81
7 SteinerHeinzMartini MK77 BMW5:18,75
8 BormoliniFaustoLucchini P3 BMW5:23,12
9 ÖppingerErichOsella PA9 BMW5:27,84
10 KöppelRolfPRC M91 BMW5:27,92
11 LeibachHerbertEufra F3 Volkswagen5:29,12
PlasaGeorgBMW 320iH5:36,87
BrennerNorbertMercedes Benz 190EH5:37,77
KnüttelDieterFord RS200H5:39,10
StolzHerbertPorsche CarreraH5:42,10
KramskyOtakarBMW M3A5:50,73
MalyJaromirFord Escort CosworthA5:54,92
FörsterWalterBMW M3H5:59,62
FröhlichWernerBMW 320H6:01,70
VavrinecTomasFord Escort CosworthA6:04,89
JaspersWolfgangBMW 320H6:07,30
LudwigHaraldBMW M3H6:12,73

Only top 11 overall, top 3 in Group A and top 8 in Group H displayed.

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