Title:Subida Villa de Luarca
Tracklength:4200 metres (2008) 3400 metres (2007)
Elevation change:215 metres
Altitude finishline:235 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 31′ 37″ – -6° 32′ 17″
Fastest Time:1:49,594
Average Speed:137,96 km/h

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In 2007 the startline was 800 metres further uphill, located at the bridge.

Subida Villa de Luarca – List of Winners
22/04/2007Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S1:36,615Results
20/04/2008Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S1:49,594Results

Subida a Villa de Luarca – Accomodation

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