Title:Subida a Cortegada de Baños (also known as: Subida a Vila de Cortegada)
Place:Cortegada (Orense)
Tracklength:5400 metres (until 2011: 4000 metres)
Elevation change:30 metres
Altitude finishline:150 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 12′ 33″ – -8° 10′ 21″
Fastest Time:7:09,087 (3 runs)
Average Speed:135,92 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows the 2011 finishline.

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Subida a Vila de Cortegada – List of Winners
04-05/07/2008Jesus FernandezAudi A4 ST2:00,096Results
14-15/08/2009Pedro RocaSilver Car S21:54,413Results
02-03/07/2011Toño VarelaOsella PA20/S3:54,341Results
06-07/08/2016Alexis VieitezFormula Outeda7:09,087Results

100704_cortegada 110703_cortegada 160807_cortegada

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