Title:Pujada a Valldemossa
Tracklength:4200 metres
Elevation change:311 metres (4,32%)
Altitude finishline:410 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 40′ 51.5994″ – 2° 38′ 19.32″
Fastest Time:1:43,932
Average Speed:145,48 km/h

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Pujada a Valldemossa – List of Winners
24/04/2010Mario HekkeBRC CM051:53,961Results
08/05/2011Gabriel ArrabalBRC CM051:58,948Results
06/05/2012Gabriel ArrabalSilver Car S12:32,014Results
24/03/2013Antonio AlarcónSilver Car S11:43,932Results
16/02/2019Jaime CarbonellNorma M20F1:50,360Results
15/02/2020Pedro MayolNorma M20F1:47,815Results

100425_valldemossa 110508_valledemossa 120506_valldemossa 130324_valldemossa.jpg

Valldemossa (Valldemosa in Spanish), is a small town in the northwestern part of Mallorca. It is perhaps a kilometre away from the coast but you would not guess it being there. Situated in a valley some 400m above the neighbouring sea, Valldemossa is framed by mountains that grow twice as high from the sea. The beautiful nature around Valldemossa has long since been celebrated. In 1839 Frédéric Chopin and George Sand spent some time in the town. The French writer penned down her experiences in the book “A Winter in Mallorca”. They stayed in a former Charterhouse that was secularized only 4 years before in 1835. The charterhouse now holds various museums, including one dedicated to Chopin and Sand. Thirty years later another famous person who was influential in the reputation of Valldemossa arrived in Mallorca. It was the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. He spent a large part of his life documenting the nature and enviroment of the Balearic Islands. His findings are written down in the monumental nine volume book “Die Balearen”. He settled down around Valldemossa were he created his own protected nature park. The fascination with the beautiful nature of the area continues to this day. Millions of people visit Mallorca every year. Altough many never leave the beaches, still a lot of them take a trip to the mountains and stop at Valldemossa. The Serra de Tramuntana mountainrange that stretches across the whole northwestern coast of Mallorca is since 2011 a World Heritage Site.

Pujada a Valldemossa – Accomodation

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